Products and Services

Virus removal.

We will not only clean your computer of viruses, we will clean the other problems which cause your computer to grind to a halt or crash. We believe in helping you to avoid problems in the future.


If it is economic, we repair desktops and laptops. Unfortunately laptops are often not worth repairing. There is no charge to come and examine the hardware. Simple repairs can be done on site.


We keep a stock of special components and selected high quality items which are not commonly available. Custom hardware can be built to order.


We offer website design services. If you want to maintain your own website, we can build a Joomla! website for you to maintain yourself. We also offer training to assist with an existing site.

Legacy Unix.

In the 1990's we wrote software for SCO unix and later for linux. We built and installed our own hardware. Much commercial software from that period is still in use and if the hardware fails, rebuilding can be difficult. The most cost effective solution can be to use more modern hardware with the old software. As well as building the hardware, we have the expertise to install the operating system and sort out the applications which are often poorly documented. Contact us for further information.

We have experience with many linux distributions and use it ourselves for everyday tasks on the internet.